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Are you struggling with weight loss issues?

Do you crave fast food and soda?

Are you sick of diets, counting calories and restricting yourself?

Have you tried everything to lose weight but just can’t stick to the costly programs, dietary restrictions and exercise plans because you don’t have the support?

If you’re anything like me five years ago, you’ve answered YES to all of the above but the good news is, I can help!

The photo below is of me, on the right-five years ago at my heaviest weight. I was addicted to fast food, loved anything deep-fried and salty and didn’t even really realize just how much weight I’d gained and how much it was affecting me. I decided to make a change and though I began slowly, I quickly noticed how my daily habits were improving my health and happiness.

When working with my clients, I take a truly WHOLE-istic approach to weight loss meaning I understand that just by losing weight, one does not became happy or whole.

Take the two contrasting photos of me below for example. Although I appear happier and thinner in the photo on the left, the story behind the photo is that every other aspect of my life was not going as well as well as my weight was; I was exhausted from my career and romantic relationship and was disconnected spiritually.

In the photo on the right, although overweight, I was at one of the happiest points in my life as financially, romantically and spiritually, I was fulfilled.

After weight loss on the left in Summer 2016. Before weight loss on the right in Summer 2011.

I have found that a holistic approach to weight loss has incredible benefits, the most important being that you don’t have to sacrifice taste or pleasure for the food you eat to be nutritious and healing.

I work with clients on a one-on-one basis in an individualized, 6-month program where we meet, either in person or over the phone, twice monthly to work on your personal health goals.

All of my clients receive things like;

  • E-Cookbooks
  • Fridge/Pantry Cleaning Tour & Guide
  • Personalized Meal Plans
  • Shopping List/Guides
  • FREE gifts
  • Access to cooking & exercise demos
  • Email support….

and more!

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